Custom Wedding Dresses Vs. Buying Off the Rack

Every bride goes through the struggle of deciding whether she should go with a custom wedding dress or if she should buy it off the rack. That’s because buying it from your local bridal store will likely save you a lot of money; however, it does come with its own set of struggles.

Below, we can tell you why you should go with a custom wedding dress rather than buying off the rack.

It’s Unique

When you have a custom wedding dress, you know that you won’t be wearing a dress than anyone else has used before. This is a major confidence-booster because you don’t have to worry about having a wedding similar to anyone else’s; after all, your love is unique so your wedding should be too.

Your dress isn’t the only unique thing about a custom wedding dress, though. You can ask to have your veil custom-made to match your wedding dress. Of course, you can also buy your veil off the rack, but what’s the fun in that?

It Fits Better

Just the fit of a custom wedding dress should make you want to invest in this. When you go custom, the dress is basically being fitted around your body. In comparison, buying elegant wedding dresses off-the-rack can be difficult because you have to find a dress that fits your body type rather than having one that fits you from the very start.

Extra Costs

While getting a custom wedding dress is more money upfront, there are added costs to getting a dress off the rack. That’s because a dress off the rack has to be fitted and there tends to be more maintenance involved including alterations.

Because of this, you should be wary when you decide to buy off the rack. Remember that the upfront cost isn’t the final cost, and that you’re likely to have many more added costs.

Tailoring Schedules

When you buy off the rack, you might have to get your dress tailored more often in comparison to a custom wedding dress. As such, you’ll have to make a fitting schedule that starts as early as possible.

When a custom wedding dress is made, your measurements are taken before the dress is finalized so you won’t need to make as many adjustments as you will with a wedding dress that’s off the rack. That’s because the dress has already been made and has to be adjusted around your body, so it already has its measurements finalized.

Off the Rack vs. Sample

You should remember that there is a difference between buying a dress off the rack and buying a sample dress. A sample dress will be much cheaper and is prone to more damages that a custom dress and a dress of the rack.


Wedding season is stressful for everyone involved. Whether it’s the bride and groom who have to organize the whole thing or the guests who have to pick out the right outfit, everyone struggles a little during this time.

Still, the decision of which dress to buy is one of the biggest, and it’s one of the hardest. If you’re in this situation, you might be wondering whether you should buy a dress off the rack or if you should buy a customized dress. Take your time to think about this and weigh up the pros and cons. Off the rack dresses may be cheaper to start with but there will be more costs to come and a custom made dress is a set price from the start with no hidden costs.

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