Fishtail Wedding Dresses

For something that is going to linger in the mind, fishtail dresses are going to leave a lasting impact on your wedding day. Also known as mermaid or trumpet wedding dresses, these particular designs create a wonderful hourglass silhouette that will bring out the best in your body. With a tight - but relaxed - fit, your body will be fitted perfectly into your dress before flaring out in glory - just a fish or mermaid tail! Leave an impression that is going to make your guests be amazed in all your glory. JW-8005

Perfected With Love & Beauty

What makes Jannifer Wu stand out is our dedication to our craft. Every dress we design, craft and create, we pure out all our love to make it. We take our time to ensure that our fishtail wedding dresses are perfect in every way. That is why people come to us: they know for something truly special and amazing, we have the collection for them.

Altered To Your Creations

Our tailors are ready to help you with any alterations you need for your wedding dresses. No longer do you have to worry about getting the wedding dress you want. Our tailors and merge and match a fishtail design that is going to work wonders for you. You can choose the best parts that you love and have them crafted together. Our aim has always been to create the wedding dress that you want for your special day. So we will do what it takes to ensure that your fishtail wedding dress is altered and customed fitted to your body. Trust us to handle all the creations that you need.

Jannifer Wu Is Here For You

Throughout the whole process of finding your dress, and having it adjusted to your liking, we will be by your side. We encourage you to come down to our Brunswick establishment to see our fishtail wedding dress collection firsthand. To book an appointment, and to help with your first steps, contact us on 03 9380 9238.
481 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056