Modern Wedding Dress Inspiration for the Minimalist Bride

Weddings are one of the happiest days of anyone’s life. Whether you’re the one who’s getting married or you love to look up common trends, you’ve come to the right place. That said, not every bride is the same, and some women just want to have something simple - something minimalist. That’s okay, because no matter what you choose, we’ll find some wedding dress inspirations that will make you look absolutely beautiful on your special day.

Long and Sleek

You might not want to have a dress made of lace or a bunch of decorative beads, but you can be just as beautiful with a dress that’s long and sleek. You should definitely try this kind of dress if you’re going to have an intimate wedding.

That said, be careful if you’re going to have a big reception because you might not stand out.


There are some patterns that are very extravagant and bold, but there are some that will give you with the minimalist touch you need. The great thing about having a patterned wedding dress is that it can give you dimension where you might not have had any before. It can emphasize parts of your body that you like without forcing you to miss out on your minimalist style.


Having a shorter wedding dresses is a great way of making you stand out without being too bold or decorative. This is a popular choice for brides who are going with a casual or minimalist look because you can make it look modern, elegant and beautiful.

Some brides shy away from this in fear that they’ll be more cute than elegant, but this isn’t true. The only real difference between this style and another is the length. And the best part is that you can wear it to your reception party! With a short dress, you’ll be able to dance around without tripping over your dress.


If the short skirt isn’t your style, then you can also change your dress length and go with the tea-length. This dress will probably fall between your calf and ankle, so you’ll have enough room to move around and have the modesty you might want. Although most associate this dress length with a vintage wedding, modern styles are incorporating it to match modern weddings.

A Cape

Wearing a cape with your dress will allow you to add some style to your dress look while looking minimalist. You don’t need to add any extravagant details to your dress, but if you want to stand out more, you should definitely consider the cape.

This style is on the rise with modern weddings and it provides the bride with a goddess-like look.


The perfect wedding is all any bride can ask for. Some women plan their weddings from the age of 10 and others don’t begin to figure out what they want until much later. Still, the perfect wedding looks different to everyone, which means each bride will need their own style and look to make themselves feel like a princess on that special day.

For the minimalist bride, there’s a few modern styles that you can go with to make your wedding the best you can imagine. You can go with the cape, with a long and sleek dress, a short dress, a tea-length dress, and you can even add some patterns into the mix.

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